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My python applications:

My GitHub Repository (includes some projects not listed here).

Web apps:
GeoIP Source Code Find the location of an IPv4 address, plotted on google maps.
GeoTrace Source Code Runs a traceroute to the supplied address and plots the route taken using Google Maps API.
rDNS Source Code Simple hostname to IP that is useful when a network has its DNS disabled or is otherwise not usable.
rTrace Source Code Remote traceroute from this server to the address supplied.

Desktop apps:
BitByteCalc Source Code A simple Python app designed with Qt4 that aids in converting between Bits/Bytes, Kilobits/Kilobytes, etc up to Terabits/Terabytes. Screenshot
bLyrics Source Code A Python/Qt4 application that retrieves the current song from Foobar2000 via its COM server plugin and downloads the lyrics for it (if available) from online lyrics repositories. Screenshots

HexChat/XChat IRC scripts:

Highlight Sorter (HiLiS) HiLiS is a simple highlight tracking script. Whenever you are highlighted this script will put the message into a separate tab labeled HiLiS. This way you never have to scroll back to find out what was said. HiLiS tracks the time, username, channel, and text of the message or action that highlighted you.
Quick Info Gen (QiGen) QiGen is a script that generates and prints statistics on your currently playing video in MPC-HC. It prints out the file name, file size, video length, video bitrate, and video resolution to the current channel. Requires Mediainfo.dll and Mediainfo.py from MPC-HC and requires the web interface to be enabled.
Rainbow Text A very simple script that will colorize any text passed to it in a random way, producing a rainbow of colors. This was one of my first scripts in python I ever wrote.
Network Speed Indicator This script will print out the current network speed to the currently active channel. Requires psutils, available in the standard pip repository.